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Are you energy-sensitive empath who is struggling to fit into current society or a common-sense materialist with inner urge to understand what human aura, channeling, spiritual science, levels of consciousness, higher self and other related phenomena are all about?

Would you like to get some clear practical answers to the questions that you have accumulated while exploring the vast field of consciousness and theories behind it?

Have you tried energy healing, meditation techniques, chakra balancing, birth chart reading but still seem to be missing how it all fits into the quantum reality of the informational paradigm?

spiritual science

Learn How The Human Brain Interacts on the Levels of Higher Consciousness

Did at least one question resonate with you? Life Script Doctor website is about insights and tools that can help you discover the true causes and find solutions to possible problems with health, personal or professional life. The world of XXI century is changing every minute and the worldview that ensures ecological interaction with the levels of higher consciousness is becoming vital more than ever. It is no longer enough to just act without attracting bad karma. In order to be successful in what you do, you now need to make sure your intentions and thoughts are intact with the laws of the energy-informational field. Your worldview is the key to a harmonious and happy life!

What you think you become.” Buddha

Each one of us is a unique universe and you hold responsibility to realize your own full potential. The time of gurus is over – you have your own guru inside. The field is open and you can learn anything you feel passionate about. I had my own journey of self-discovery and after many years of learning, researching and practicing different energy healing modalities, self-help courses and consciousness awakening techniques the time has come to share the knowledge with you.

A big part of the information that you will find on this website is based on the spiritual science Infosomatics (that I have been studying and practicing since 2008). It offers a map to the higher levels of consciousness, energy-informational methods of analysis as well as visualization techniques that have proven to be very effective in practice. This new field has been developed by the work of the International Institute of Social Ecology (St. Petersburg).  Since 1991, the work of the Institute has led to many discoveries and helped many people recover their health, find fulfilling relationships and excel in doing business.

Infosomatic visualization techniques are one of the major inventions of this new spiritual science. When they are applied correctly, they can bring your brain activity to synchronicity with your subtle bodies (or bodies on the higher levels of consciousness). As the result, your brain receives self healing information and recovers from the subconsciously controlling stress that has negative effect on the mind and subsequently on the body (if the stress is not resolved on the energy-information level, it is eventually manifested as a sickness on the physical body or you experience certain problems in life). When the stress is eliminated by using visualization techniques, people experience what many would consider miraculous healing – when in reality it is just bringing human bodies of higher consciousness to harmony with Nature. All you need in order to achieve balance in life is your brain and your ability to visualize. You turn on the self healing process and you are able to quickly find the answers you are looking for.  Spiritual science Infosomatics and its techniques are about giving you the knowledge and the effective tools you need in order to self heal. It’s like being your own psychotherapist and energy healer at the same time.

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Discover Your Higher Self and Higher Consciousness

It all may sound like magic, but it does bring positive results that have been proven in practice.  Visualization is the true language that Nature uses to communicate with us. Any language is just an interpretation of the visual images or actions that we want other people to understand.

By knowing what to visualize and the order in which the images should be visualized you can place an energy-informational structure on the higher levels of consciousness. It helps your brain to bring your state of energy to norm and have a positive effect on the events in your life. You also get a proof when an Infosomatic visualization technique is carried out correctly and the self healing process begins – you get a certain sensation on your physical body (more on visualization techniques here).

It is truly beyond any energy healing practice – Infosomatic techniques are the nano technology of energy healing, they have sniper like precision and give solutions not just on your energy level, but on the level of higher consciousness – on the informational level. Human life is just a second between the past and the future.  Our future holds the information (on the levels of higher consciousness) about every possibility that we can experience, with time the quantity of information is transformed into energy and then energy is transformed further into matter. The process in which information is transformed into matter is what creates our physical body and events in our life.

Spiritual science has no doctrine or scripture. It is the study of all religions and belief systems, taking from them the best that each has to offer.

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Levels of Higher Consciousness Explained

Humans exist not just on the material plane, we all have bodies of higher consciousness – the bodies that hold the information of what will make us happy in life. We all live in the energy-informational field and as Dalai Lama said “The purpose of human life is to be happy”. To know how to correctly interact on the material plane as well as on the higher levels of consciousness is essential to finding happiness, especially in today’s hectic informational age. The energy-informational model that unites science and spirituality also gives practical tools in the form of visualization techniques that can help you discover your higher self, heal yourself and uncover true causes of events in life. This knowledge  can give you answers to your questions and help you acquire flexible worldview that will lead to successful realization of your potential in the XXI century.

It has nothing to do with popular New Age schools or movements. This exclusive self discovery knowledge shows you life as it is. It does not go against any religion or spiritual school. It explains the physics behind Nature’s phenomena and how to reach balance in order to live your life by following your own unique Nature.

You are welcome to browse articles, use visualization techniquessubscribe to get the updates and watch webinars (there is more than 6 hours of video materials generously posted on the website for free). For in-depth advanced knowledge of energy-informational world (it is highly recommended to those who want to learn a more practical approach to higher levels of consciousness) please consider the following:

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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it“.
– Albert Einstein.

Infosomatic model of energy-informational field and tools allow those who know how to use them to pinpoint the true reason behind a problem and offer practical ways of resolution.  In other words, the true cause and solution to the problems that you might be experiencing in your life (sickness, issues with business or personal life) lie on the higher levels of consciousness. The only way to see if suggested worldview and techniques can benefit your life is to test them yourself. Above all –

“Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth”