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Learn How The Human Brain Interacts with the Higher Levels of Consciousness

  • You have probably heard about meditation, perhaps even tried energy healing, chakra balancing, birth chart reading as well as other consciousness awakening practices. However, does it still feel like certain puzzle pieces explaining how it all fits into our quantum reality are missing?
  • Do you have an inner urge to understand what human aura, channeling, spiritual science, higher levels of consciousness, higher self and other related phenomena are all about?
  • Would you like to get clear practical answers to the questions that you have accumulated while exploring the vast field of consciousness and end your struggle to fit into the hectic world of the informational paradigm?

If at least one of the questions resonated with you, then you are at the right place. Life Script Doctor website offers insights and tools to help you keep your energy in balance and ultimately realize your full potential by manifesting reality intended by your Higher Self. When you hold the knowledge of how energy-informational field works, you can quickly identify true causes and find solutions to the challenges you might be experiencing with your “lifescript”. When your energy flow is in harmony, you are living a healthy and fulfilling life of purpose, which inevitably leads to success in personal as well as professional life.

The world of the XXI century is changing every minute and the worldview that ensures ecological interaction with the levels of higher consciousness and the energy-informational field is more vital than ever. It is no longer enough to just act without attracting bad karma. In order to stay healthy and be successful in what you do, you now need to make sure your energy, intentions, and thoughts are intact with the laws of the field. Your worldview or the way of thinking is the key to a harmonious and happy life!

What you think you become.” Buddha

Each one of us is a unique universe and you hold the responsibility to realize your own full potential. The time of gurus is over – you have your own guru inside. When you awake your consciousness you get access to the energy-informational field and learn anything you feel passionate about. I have had my own journey of self-discovery (see about Life Script Doctor) and after many years of learning, researching and practicing different energy healing modalities, self-help courses and consciousness awakening techniques the time has come to share this practical knowledge with you.


If your life gets off-balance, you need to know how to get it back on track. The tools that you will find on this website will allow you to pinpoint energy-informational seeds behind challenges in your life and offer practical ways to resolve them. In other words, the true cause and solution to the problems that you might be experiencing (sickness, issues with business or personal life) lie on the higher levels of consciousness or on the energy-informational field.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it“.
– Albert Einstein.

Practical knowledge offered on Life Script Doctor website is aimed to help you acquire flexible worldview that can lead to a successful realization of your full potential in the XXI century. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you can give or take, what really matters is the level of awareness you can reach in order to share it with others. The only way to see if the information you can find on the website can benefit your life  is to put it to practice yourself. Above all –

“Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth”

You are welcome to browse articles, test visualization techniques and subscribe to get access to freemium materials. For in-depth knowledge of the energy-informational world, advanced techniques and/or personal guidance on how you can improve the quality of your lifescript, please see shop/services section of the website.

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