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Who is Life Script Doctor?

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Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy aka Life Script Doctor has been researching different consciousness awakening fields since 2008 (e.g. spiritual science Infosomatics, Ukrainian energy-informational system SPAS, Numerology, etc). Main goal of Life Script Doctor is to share practical knowledge of meditation/manifestation/ visualization as well as energy self-healing techniques.

The key to self-discovery and healing is identifying true causes on the levels of higher consciousness level. When the seed of the problem is revealed and proper techniques are carried out the after affect is healthy body, fullfililng personal relationships and successful professional life. Life Script Doctor teaches how ecological worldview based on the laws of Nature can improve the quality of person’s life and how one can establish a clear communication with their own Higher Self.

What makes you an expert of my life, why do you call yourself a Doctor and why do you think your techniques will work on me?

Frankly speaking Life Script Doctor is not claiming to be the ultimate expert of life, nor is he trying to be as such. He also doesn’t have a doctorate degree.  However, since 2008 he dedicated his energy towards studying and practicing Infosomatics as well as other systems that explain how energy-informational field works. The practical knowledge that he has acquired throughout the years can be used to analyze and give feedback on the energy-informational state a person is in. Diagnosis tools that Dmitriy uses help identify possible problems on the person’s energy field so a customized set of meditation-visualization techniques can be offered in order to resolve those problems.

When Infosomatic visualization techniques are correctly practiced they are very effective in resolving problems on the higher levels of consciousness which inevitably effects your experience on the physical level. Infosomatic visualization techniques are tested in practice by many people of different culture, language, gender and social status. They are ecological and cannot do harm (however certain challenges may arise due to stagnation and subconsciously controlling stress that needed to be released). You can just see for yourself if Infosomatic visualization techniques are effective and do bring results.

Here is a one minute clip from the exclusive FREE webinar with a little bit more on what Life Script Doctor is all about:

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