Diagnosis Method of XXI Century

There are many types of diagnosis that are used today in various medical fields. One of the main goals of any diagnosis is to determine “cause and effect” of a given health issue. Nevertheless, doctors most often use diagnosis to determine the symptoms rather than true causes of a health problem. The procedures that are used in medicine today mainly try to narrow down diagnostic possibilities. Thus, a doctor gets certain data from diagnosis and then tries to analyze them in order to find what fits the description of a disease while browsing the medical library in his or her head (by the way, when a doctor examines the inner organs of a human trying to see if any disease fits the symptoms, he or she creates a certain thoughtform that can work as a harmful visualization technique; there are ways to reverse that harmful effect, though).

The true “cause and effect” is often if not always neglected. Besides, accuracy of modern medical diagnosis procedures is far from hitting the needed target. Consider one of the most common medical procedures such as ultrasound which is only 85% accurate as to diagnosis of a child’s gender before birth, let alone its use for health problem diagnosis.

human aura visualizationA lot of people believe that Energy Healing and Human Aura diagnosis is a much better way to find the true cause of a health problem. The common belief is that if a person is sick, then you should find the cause in his or her state of energy. All you have to do is to analyze human aura (either using special devices or asking people who can see human auras) and find the energy center that is causing the problem. After figuring out the troublesome organ and the chakra that lacks energy, people rush into different methods of pumping more energy into that chakra. It is the same as pouring water into a bucket with holes in it. The true cause of any sickness is a violation of laws of Nature due to a certain action that was motivated by incorrect worldview. It is basically a result of making a mistake in your script of life.  Energy healing or balancing your chakras can only be a short term method to take care of the symptoms. It is the same as taking a pill, but on the energy level.  In order to really deal with a health issue, you need to find the true cause of the problem. In most cases the true problem lies in your past and is caused by a subconscious controlling stress. The subconscious controlling stresses are the holes in your bucket.  A lot of energy that you are receiving from your higher-self today could be leaking through these holes. Therefore, before you fix your “bucket” it will not matter how much energy you will charge your chakras with, it will all be in vain.  Sometimes you do recover with time by moving ahead in your life, using your own intuition, however you still will lose a lot of energy on the way (there are certain visualization techniques that can help you recover the lost energy).

When you are able to recover the energy that you lost on the way, you will get a very powerful energy boost in your life today. In addition to that boost you will also get the energy flow from your higher self. It is up to you to decide, either to keep making more mistakes in your life script or move more smoothly on your road of life towards happiness and success.

pondermotor writtingGetting an extra energy boost is always great, but how do you find those subconsciously controlling stresses in the past. Well there is one very interesting diagnosis technique called – pondermotor writing. It was developed by one Russian scientist – V. B. Polyakov and further studied and used in practice by his many students (learn more about the science behind it and higher levels of consciousness) . The main idea of a pondermotor writing is training human brain to the point when it can become a receiver and transmitter of information from the higher planes of matter existence. During the pondermotor writing technique the unconscious movement of a human hand registers information regarding an object of observation. If there are certain anomalies in the object of attention, then the movements of the hand will be able to register them. It is similar to the work of encephalograph. Pondermotor writing technique has been used in many different fields including medicine. It allows to diagnose human bodies on the higher planes of matter existence and gives an objective picture of the current energy state. Pondermotor writing technique can be used in working with human body of memory which allows a very quick and effective way to find out the time when certain subconscious stress was induced. It allows further work with this stress through visualization techniques right away.

Psychotherapy is the most common method that is used today to find subconscious controlling stresses and often at least ten sessions are required to find that stress; while pondermotor writing takes few seconds for an experienced operator.  Another very important thing about pondermotor writing is that it can be taught.  Giving all our trust to the devices and machines leaves us depended on them. Training your brain to be able to realize its potential is something that gives us freedom in interacting with our energy informational world and can also help many people to solve their problems. As Einstein once said: “ No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it .

To find out more about pondermotor writing and visualization techniques that can help you fix your subconscious controlling stresses in the past, please sign up for online seminars or just contact us with a question that you might have.

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