Make a Wish Come True with Advanced Manifestation Techniques

How To Bring Your Wishes To Reality With

Advanced Manifestation Techniques

how to make a wish

 Online Seminar to Reveal the Secrets Behind

Manifestation Process and Techniques

Beyond The Law of Attraction


After watching the seminar you will know:

  • Manifestation techniquesThe roles your brain and heart play in effective wish manifestaion
  • Why Law of Attraction fails in manifesting wishes for some people and creates miracles for others
  • Physics behind manifestation/materialization process and what makes Infosomatic visualizationtechniques so powerful
  • How to program your own reality without breaking the laws of Nature
  • Detailed explanation of powerful manifestation techniques and higher consciousness road map to ensure flawless manifestation of your wishes
  • Guided Meditation to clear out blocks of your subconscious mind that are in the way  of fully embracing the power of your full potential
  • Manifestation Algorithm based on the Temple of Fulfilling Wishes in Myanmar

Here are short video clips from the webinar:

How to Make a Wish Come True with Advanced Manifestation Techniques
Online Seminar Program (duration 5 hours 30 minutes):

  1. Introduction and main topics.
  2. Overview of how the human brain interacts with the energy-informational field.
  3. Orbitals of the human brain activity: biological, social and spiritual.
  4. Where the health matrix of your body manifestation comes from.
  5. How do we sense future events.
  6. The reason behind the “burning ears”.
  7. Visual model of the Spirit (or Higher Self) and the role of the human brain.
  8. Why certain events repeat themselves in life.
  9. Who is responsible for the events in your life.
  10. What is the purpose of human life (according to Infosomatics).
  11. Emotional shell and the role of the human heart.
  12. Is positive thinking enough to keep your energy and emotions in balance.
  13. What tools Infosomatics uses to analyze person’s mental body (personal akashic records).
  14. Karmic correction technique – explained in details with personal life example.
  15. Why beeswax candle has more power than a regular wax candle.
  16. Clean your mental body from subconsciously controlling stressvisualization technique.
  17. Infosomatic visual model to explain interaction between the human Mind, Body and Spirit.
  18. Where problems with your physical body come from?
  19. Why many people who are born with a lot of potential are often born into karmically burdened families and/or experience a lot of problems in life.
  20. Parable of the souls in heaven.
  21. Can sending love protect you from those who harm you on the energy level.
  22. Physics behind energy interaction between family members and those who love each other.
  23. What is the role of parents in your life after you turn 21.
  24. The role our personality plays in our life and why knowing how to play different roles is important.
  25. How to treat problems that you might be experiencing in life.
  26. Love Thyself – one of the keys to manifestation – explained.
  27. Does instant wish manifestation really works and are their consequences?
  28. 3 vital energies that are involved in manifestation process.
  29. Visual fractal model of the higher levels of consciousness.
  30. What makes Infosomatics different from other spiritual sciences and energy healing related modalities.
  31. Difference between a prayer and meditation.
  32. The process of transformation of information into energy and further into matter explained.
  33. Ways our Spirit communicates with us.
  34. How to effectively send your wish to the higher levels of consciousness.
  35. Seeing to Believe vs. Believing to See.
  36. 7 levels your wish has to go through in order to get manifested.
  37. How to deal with inner dialoguevisualization technique.
  38. Spiritual Paradox explained: letting go material things vs. manifestation of your material wishes.
  39. “Enter Button” – a vital trick to ensure manifestation of your wishes.
  40. Pink bubble (updated)Manifestation Visualization technique.
  41. How to keep clear connection with your Higher Self and filter the outside noise.
  42. What happens with your energy when your body is not involved in manifestation of your wishes.
  43. How to turn on your bodyvisualization technique.
  44. The role of your ego during manifestation process.
  45. The reason why visualization or visual treasure maps fail to work for some people.
  46. 2 different types of wishes.
  47. What being in the flow really means.
  48. Story of the trip to Myanmar – how higher forces guide you.
  49. What you really Want, Can and Need.
  50. The Law of 4 Ts.
  51. Parable of two trees.
  52. How to tell what you need to be doing in your life – Ikigai.
  53. What are the signs that you are doing the right thing in your life.
  54. Roles of your Mind, Body and Spirit in manifestation of your wishes.
  55. How to give more power to your affirmations.
  56. The importance of writing down your wishes with your hand and say them out loud.
  57. The role of your senses during manifestation process.
  58. Powerful Guided MeditationRelease the blocks that are holding you back, find your place of power and connect with your higher self to make your wishes come true.
  59. Symbols in meditation explained.
  60. How Astrology & Numerology influence your life.
  61. Practical and simple way to use Astrology in planning your life and making your wishes come true.
  62. Why people are scared of the Full moon.
  63. How to use the time of the Full moon for your own advantage (personal life example).
  64. The Law of temptation explained.
  65. The Law of three presentations explained.
  66. 3 months cycles for wish manifestation and realization of your goals.
  67. How to test if your new personal relationships will be long-term.
  68. How to make a wish come true with Manifestation Algorithm from the Temple of Fulfilling Wishes  (detailed explanation + visualization technique).
  69. “Glass of Water” (improved)manifestation technique in detail.
  70. How to achieve your goals – Practical technique to achieving your goals (explained in detail).making a wish come true
  71. How to use manifestation algorithm to attract your ideal partner.
  72. Safety measures and ecology of the wish manifestation process.
  73. Formula to help you define the qualities of your wish and ensure its flawless manifestation.
  74. The keys to achieving results you are looking for.
  75. The roles female and male energies play in manifestation process.
  76. 7×7 table, cycles of life and what to wish during each cycle.
  77. 3 Bold Steps to lead you from current reality towards desired new one.
  78. 100 Pages Notebookmanifestation technique.
  79. What to do when your wish is manifested.
  80. Self-test to see if your life is balanced.
  81. 3 types of fears and how to deal with them.

and much more…

short list of additional materials that were used in creating the knowledge base for the the online seminar:

Shakti Gawain, “Creative Visualization”
Vadim Zeland, “Transurfing”
José Silva, “Silva Mind Control”
Deepak Chopra, “SynchroDestiny”
Dr. Joe Vitale, “Zero Limits”
Marc Allen, “The Millionaire Course”
Elena Korovina, “How to hack the code of your destiny…”

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