Sign of Capricorn Karma and Capricorn Life Purpose Horoscope

Capricorn (22.12-20.01)

Capricorn Horoscope KarmaIn the process of our life we all need to learn, what Capricorn is born to realize – ability to control ourselves and composure give us the freedom to express our Higher Nature.

When Capricorn instead of looking for proof of their importance from the outside world acquire Inner Power, they  begin to use their remarkable abilities to start doing really important things, those that will give them  the feeling of inner accomplishment and satisfaction. Capricorn will understand that the main thing is to respect oneself, give value to one’s own opinion and perception of what is really important. As a result they begin to live as their Higher Self (or Spirit) have intended. If that happens, a Capricorn not only begins to respect oneself but also begins to inspire other people, and teaches them how to live in cooperation with true self through their own example.

Capricorn discovers true meaning of self-control when their main goals are connected not with the outside world, but with the inner world. In other words, Capricorn has to realize that the main thing is to learn how to control perception of the mind. They have to stop allowing external conditions dictate what they should do, think or feel. Capricorn have to make their own choices – without being depended on what is happening around them. Serenity is self sacrifice, ability to control and direct oneself as well as accumulate energy.

When Capricorn embraces their own tenacity to get rid of negative emotions and start treating everything with kindness and in the positive light, their inner wisdom and broad personality help them to obtain results in anything they do. That is when Capricorn will be able to have remarkable influence on the lives of other people including their own.

If Capricorn does not try to understand what is really important to them, then they begin to define their success the way other people see them. Capricorn begin to think that they can be an important person only if outside world sees them that way and it makes Capricorn fight as hard as possible to win affection and respect from other people. This desire is the biggest Capricorn’s problem and the main karmic teacher.

Instead of building their own life in accordance with their wishes, Capricorn spends precious time (sometimes even lifetime) to meet expectations, receive approval and acknowledgement from others – when in reality they should accept, value and recognize themselves. Capricorn can be doing the “right thing”, talk to the “right people” for the sake of success and recognition, but as a result get nothing but disillusion.

Sooner or later most Capricorns, who believe that outside recognition is the only thing that can be an evidence of their importance, discover that this kind of recognition is fake and does not bring desired pleasure, since it forces them to live up to the standards and expectations of other people.

This disillusion can bring Capricorn to realization of their higher purpose. Instead of looking for proof and recognition in the outside world they should find this proof inside by asking themselves – what is important for me and showing self-control by doing everything possible to realize their own plans – that would be the time when Capricorn starts receiving true pleasure and satisfaction from living.

To learn how to accept themselves for what they are is the main secret of happiness and success for any Capricorn. When Capricorn have respect and value for themselves, they most likely will not “force” recognition from other people. When they know that they are doing something important, they invest all their energy into what they believe to be important.  Otherwise they will constantly be lacking energy since they will often try to live up to overwhelmingly high standards of other people. Capricorn will be able to live their life in true happiness if they live the way they like to live.

capricorn karmaSaturn is a planet which makes people go through the most difficult and harsh challenges and at the same time gives them enough energy to overcome those challenges. That is what Capricorn is all about: they often encounter problems and overcome them due to their patience. When they know that they  have to wait – life leads them towards the destiny and they fulfill their karmic goals. Capricorn can become successful not only due to their own patience but also if they have clear mind, self-control, wisdom, endurance and ability to overcome obstacles.

Saturn – is the planet of wisdom and moderation that is why Capricorn should have both such qualities. People may see Capricorn as “old and wise” and it is possible that they are an “experienced soul”. It is very interesting that the younger Capricorn are, the older they feel. It is possible that the reason behind it is a big feeling of responsibility that Capricorn feels from a very young age. The responsibility can be so big that they start seeing life as being too “difficult” – sometimes this feeling becomes a part of their character. They feel that they have to carry some kind of a load and that is why they have to always be serious. Some Capricorns are not very emotional from Nature, others think that they have to be persistent to show off their weight of responsibility.

If Capricorn takes life too seriously it becomes a burden for them. They isolate themselves and treat life as a hard mission – as something that should be endured and not something that should be enjoyed. You can always identify this kind of Capricorn, they constantly sigh and it seems that they are saying:  “I am so tired”. And it is true – they constantly have to carry this load.

Capricorn who falls into the dark side of the Saturn becomes a pessimist who is an anxious and unpleasant person. They see only imperfections. While they do not consider themselves as a pessimist – Capricorn believes that they are mere realists. Capricorn can consider themselves to be a realist, if they view problem solving as a creative process.

One of the Karmic goals of a Capricorn is to overcome the habit of worrying about nothing. The cause of worries could be anything or anyone. Pessimism and anxiety tell Capricorn that they have lost faith in Universe being perfectly organized, that they consider themselves responsible for everything that happens in the Universe (this is a common form of arrogance for a Capricorn). Capricorn have to renounce their own conviction that someone has to control what is happening – then they will be able to spiritually evolve and improve themselves. Life will teach this lesson to Capricorn again and again. Some of them realize in the early age the fact that there is a perfect order in the Universe. This order will always exist regardless of our will or consent to sustain this order – realization of this fact can be quite beneficial for Capricorn.

Capricorn has to commit to finding joy in everything they do. Then everything they do will be interesting for them and then they will be able to show their sense of humor and make whatever they do interesting for other people.

It is quite interesting, that the older Capricorn gets the younger they feel. It could be happening because with time they stop feeling a constricting burden of responsibility (especially for others).  Gradually they come to the conclusion that they can really accomplish anything they get their  mind into – that is when their  responsibilities no longer seem so burdensome. This gives encouragement to a Capricorn. When Capricorn reaches middle age they are happier, more joyful and carefree than in their young age. And by the time they reach old age they can become light-hearted and frivolous person!

Saturn not only gives rare feeling of ambition to Capricorn but also creates challenges on the way to realize those ambitions. Many Capricorns don’t realize why life demands more from them than from other people. It seems to them that others are given what Capricorn doesn’t have, that it is easier for others to reach success. They begin feeling jealous towards success of others and think that a Capricorn had a bad draw.

In a sense a Capricorn has to go through bigger challenges than other people. The main lesson that they should learn is how to overcome those challenges and through the experience reach mastery in a chosen field.  It makes challenges and obstacles an important part of Capricorns life lesson. However, very often they treat themselves and results of   work with too much criticism – and by doing that they make their own life much harder. They expect too much from themselves, they fail to comply with the demands and as a result feel devastated. Of course, sometimes Capricorn feels that others have an easier life – since other people treat life much easier and don’t pressure themselves too much if something does not work out. In this sense, life of others is easier. However, life will surely indulge Capricorn with success if they set a goal to evolve spiritually. When Capricorn begins to challenge their own fears and worries, they reject egoistic desires – a desire to make the world do things the way they want to.

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28 thoughts on “Sign of Capricorn Karma and Capricorn Life Purpose Horoscope

  1. BAM-BAM

    Wow so true and im a capricon well done i love this than you.For this as well very well put great cappi psychology.Focused and on point defently amazing stuff

  2. Rishi

    As I started reading reading I felt like reading my inner some. It is so true that I can’t even deny on a single line. I am a capricorn man 32, and these days going through the problem of overthinking, passive thinking and unnecessary thinking so just tried googling what could be the remedy for this and came to this blog and found it so much true about the capri personality trends. thanks a lot for such a great explanation.

    It would be really great and appreciable if you can also share some ways, practices or remedies which a Capricorn man can follow to be calm, optimistic and which can help him stop over worrying about things.

  3. Jamel

    This is truly a great well articulated article. Reading this seems like a personal journal of a Capricorns life. Amazing stuff.

  4. Vidhi

    I hv actually skipd reading just to comment…..i hv read come across many such sites…but for the very first time felt like….not only one can see things (which we know …bt nevr realizd) in writtn, bt also can learn what and how to change oneself …only…only…only …in positive manner… Really…thank you.

  5. Ashutosh Singh

    Wow! Very analytical description about Capricornians . Thank you so much for your research and observations. I am also capricornian and my date of birth is 06/01/1982 and I am so much interested in reading about Capricornians.

  6. Lisa

    I am a 50 + woman and this article described me perfectly. I have spent years working on the worrying aspect. Thank you for the wonderful insight and encouragement.

  7. vc

    Great Article. I am 37. Spent years 17-34 chasing people and trying to please them. Evolved after that and i am gradually adding new skill sets to myself, which makes me evolve and be better every day!

  8. Monica daDilva

    This was spot on for me. I am a Capricorn turning 50 in 2020. I am finally understanding/ experiencing much of what you wrote about. I am becoming more light hearted and caring less about getting recognition for my work. It sure is freeing to stop caring what people think. I still have my challenges with it but getting better with each Karmic lesson. 😊

  9. Elaa

    This is like an extremely accurate biography of my life!

    Just a few days ago, I found a blog post from when I was 13 years old. In that blog post I had nagged and nagged about how it sucks to be 13 years old and how old I feel and how life is passing by too fast!!!

    This is how I’ve been all my life. Obsessed with time, thinking I have lost the chance to fulfill my purpose. But now at 24, I’m slowly starting to feel young, for the first time in my life.

    This article described this feeling and the reasons behind it flawlessly!

  10. Brit

    Wow, this is very insightful and useful info. I’m a 24 year old Capricorn and a lp 11. I struggle with wanting to control everything and am constantly worrying. I hold myself to extremely high expectations and put a lot of pressure on myself which leads to anxiety. However, deep down I feel this extreme confidence that I can achieve anything. It’s a very odd combo lol.

  11. Havonya Oliver

    Cap rising and cap in 12H. Thank you so much for this article. It was really insightful, to the point im going to bookmark it so that i can revisit from time to time. You’re amazing thanks for your gift and interpretation.

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