Sign of Scorpio Karma and Scorpio Life Purpose Horoscope

Sign of Scorpio (24.10 – 22.11)

scorpio_zodiacThroughout our life we all are trying to understand the truth that Scorpio was born to perceive: by connecting with higher consciousness, a person can turn any shortcomings or disadvantages (one’s own as well as the ones of the outside world) into advantages and merits.

The main tool that should be used for this kind of transformation is Love. When powerful emotions and insightful mind yield to the voice of a wise heart, a Scorpio connects with supernatural force and acquires almost magical abilities while turning into the true Mage of Light. Due to that, he can achieve great success in any endeavor. Scorpio receives an ability to see hidden problems and get access to secret resources in order to multiply goodness and beauty in the world.

Scorpio possesses great power and constantly asks oneself- what is the best way to invest it. He is constantly in the state of making a choice: to use the power to develop his own qualities and help others or to use the power to cause problems for others and destroy what others have created. Scorpio knows fairy well that he has lots of different means for destruction and sometimes asks himself – am I the darkest horoscope sign? Scorpio has the ability to see the ever-lasting battle between good and evil, light and darkness and it can teach him many things.

When Scorpio chooses the road of goodness, he strengthens his own connection with the Universe. He should learn how to control his own Lower Self Nature and then he will truly become powerful. The Nature of Lower Self is a tendency to manipulate others, favor gossip, unwillingness to listen to people around and consider circumstances. When Scorpio achieves his own goals through those methods, he develops his negative aspects and qualities. He should use his own power and strength to find love and goodness inside – this way he will be able to achieve results that would surprise even himself.

If a Scorpio tries to see good in everything, while knowing about the existence of evil, he will not only find eternal source of energy and power, but will also be able to increase that power – goodness gives Scorpio the feeling of unbreakable connection with Forces of Higher Consciousness.

Of course a Scorpio will have to go through periods when his negative qualities will take the lead in his life. During those periods he thinks about problems (real and illusionary) so much, that he begins to see only evil. He becomes cynical and gloomy, he begins to believe that there is nothing good in this life. Scorpio should learn how to use his main advantage – ability to change – it is his main Karmic goal, ability to transform any disadvantage into advantage. Then, a Scorpio will be able to be on top in any, even the worst, situation. Feeling of love can truly help Scorpio in the process of transformation and change, love should always live within him. The deeper he gets into the darkest corners of his soul, the higher he is able to raise himself towards the light!

Scorpio will learn how to use his own power when he is doing something for the benefit of everyone (serving the good of humanity). When a Scorpio thinks about the needs and desires of everyone (including his own) he can find surprising and bright ways to resolve problems. Higher goals, both raise him and give him an opportunity to see and do what may have seemed to be unreachable before. He turns into a channel through which Light can enter our world and because of that he can do miracles. The stronger his connection to the Light, the quicker he changes his attitude towards life.

One of the best ways to save oneself from emotional and intellectual darkness – try to use one’s own creative ability and talents to find ways that will change the situation for the better. When Scorpio is using his own insightfulness and sharp mind to overcome hardships and find the solutions, he can find advantages in any situation (and it doesn’t matter how lost the case may be).

The main fear of Scorpio, that he will have to overcome in the course of his life, is the fear of being weak and unable to influence the situation. Scorpio wants to know that he can control the world – it gives him a sense of self importance and security. Scorpio is afraid to show weakness in general or weakness in certain areas of life.

Scorpio is easily offended – he can instantly explode and sting with his tail. However he has to be very careful with his “lethal weapon” – what goes around comes around, in the end, his aggression can turn against him. It is possible that his actions will cause serious problems and he will have to be the one to solve it. Scorpio should always keep in his mind – “Do not sting yourself”.

If Scorpio is able to overcome the limitations of his own Lower Self, he will be able to reach higher levels of spiritual evolution. However it will be possible only if he frees himself from selfish desires and will be able to correctly (in a neutral mode without taking sides) assess a situation and look at it from above (like an eagle flying over).

Another goal of a Scorpio: he has to learn how to overcome his own need to control people, he should learn to respect them, acknowledge their wisdom and their own freedom of choice. It could be a very difficult task for a Scorpio – especially if it concerns those he loves – his children (for example).

Next goal: overcoming the desire for power – this could be a serious addiction for a Scorpio. It is very difficult for him to surrender his desire for power. The sense of might, which the power can give to a person is the biggest temptation for Scorpio. This is where one of his main karmic lessons lies: he can gain power, he loves power, so why should he give it away? Power kills a person’s ability to be Compassionate and when Scorpio begins to have full control over the events in life he slows down his own spiritual evolution. When Scorpio lets things go and stops controlling everything that happens to him in life, he might find that everything happens in the best way possible – even better than he imagined in his wildest dreams.

To be a Scorpio means to go through the periods of darkness – when life seems to have no meaning and almost unbearable. Pain and depression stay with him for a long time even after he overcomes the hardships. People around him may think that a Scorpio prevailed over all the troubles and that everything is fine with him. In reality, when people express this assumption, Scorpio wants to kill them – if he could only change his own mood with his wish, he would have done it long time ago.

Long journey through the periods of depression is a very important part in the process of personal and spiritual development. During those times, Scorpio feels that something dies inside him, and it is true. This is the time when his Ego is dying, something that is standing in the way of letting him connect with his own true self and Divine. He constantly tries to get rid of his own egoistic desires, rejects negative thoughts and actions. Some Scorpios give a lot of thought about their own death and thoughts about death visit Scorpios right before spiritual awakening – this is influenced by the energy of Phoenix. Scorpio’s subconscious mind wants for his prejudice and ambition to die – so he can be reborn.

Scorpio is reborn and steps away from the darkness into the light of true knowledge. He understands who he is, he can see the greatness of his Spirit and gradually begins to realize what is truly important in life. Life gains new deep meaning, happiness returns and Scorpio begins to feel grateful for being alive. Love itself is what returns him back to life from the darkness. It is the main karmic lesson for a Scorpio: Love is the main transforming force, it can transform anything.

Scorpio’s Karma – the choices he makes may put him in very difficult and almost unbearable conditions. However instead of accepting failure, stubborn Scorpio keeps fighting till the end. During the battle he lives at his fullest, all his senses are heightened – even if he is in severe pain. Tougher challenge makes Scorpio himself seem tougher. One can call it stubbornness– he refuses to be defeated. One can call it insuperable passion. Scorpio processes spiritual power, which is higher than physical and intellectual powers, because of that power Scorpio survives hardships again and again. Strength and Power of Scorpio help him to win in any confrontation or challenge.

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33 thoughts on “Sign of Scorpio Karma and Scorpio Life Purpose Horoscope

  1. Luz Avila

    Awesome this is a awesome reading. So true I’m in shock. Nice job. The reading related so much with me. I understand alot now. Thank you

  2. Joe

    “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again” – The Sound Of Silence

    One of/ if not the best reads I’ve had on the often misunderstood Scorpio.

    My life story here.

    Thank you


  3. Jen

    I read nearly everything about the Scorpio and this was the most informational. While reading, I had a couple “AHA” moments. I am and have experienced all the ups and downs in a Scorpios transition.
    Thank you for such an informational read.

  4. Jen

    Thank you for this information!
    Many blessings,unlimited peace
    To you and abundance for all
    Your generations to come!
    Namaste ! My Scorpio brothers
    And sisters, let’s ride like the phoenix

  5. Lori

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to have read your article. I am doing a numerology reading for a friend and combining it with his sun sign. I have needed a breakthrough to help him and this article my friend has me excited beyond words. I absolutely cannot wait to share this information with him. He has the power to change his life in the most remarkable way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for this insightful reading that explains sooo much and answers so many questions!!!

  6. Rizbel

    This is completely true about me…
    i hv been through togh times where i found myself on the very verge of death…. long time
    Of depression,, bt i survived them… yes i hate disloyalty still but i have turned out to be spiritual which yes i were before too. I have alwys been spiritual from even 7 or 8 may be born lyk this but i m,yes. I love people around me, i care for everyone.. i forgive n forgive til the extent i start seeing things aren’t working…
    I dnt get angry easily but when i do so… i m lyk thunderstorm which is very dangerous😎 M very very sensitive… so emotional…. smtimes very much…. which i feels lyk torturing myself…
    I m so sympathetic , its lyk i can feel d pain of others.. n i do so.. i can absorb that thats so painful… is this the true nature of scorpio…??

    1. Life Script Doctor Post author

      When a Scorpio bites he or she releases double amount of venom into oneself. You might also want to check about your life path number in one of the articles on the website and/or consider birth chart reading for more details.

    2. Lebogang

      As a scorpio I believe in everything that is stated here. But my question is why do scorpio get challenges time and again. I got many challenges at work and because I have guts to answer and confront where I feel that is needed for me people are afraid of me, and I dont like it when they become afraid I like it when they accept their mistakes and learn from them but they dont which makes it difficult to trust them as you know that scorpios are not good pretenders they tell it like it is unless they decide to keep quiete. Everything here describes a scorpio journey which is mine. Everything stated here talk about me.

  7. Lin

    Thanks for this post, when was starting letting go many things that had blocked the love within me, the love within me was starting awaking in me, so I true happy when I am in love, the love rebirthed me who I am, I am in the light, know the dark time had served me as well

  8. Tamara

    This resonated with me so much it brought tears to my eyes going thru life challenges and death is on my mind a lot looking to be more positive and change my outlook on my life and found this article it has answered so many questions Thank You

  9. Steve

    A good article. Now to look beyond it, consider what happens when a Scorpio follows the Tao.

    Spiritual enrichment.
    As sleep, a balm of woe.

  10. louneva

    AMAZING I am a very proud Scorpio who has been through some of the most difficult times of my life and would not change anything about it. I have truly been awakened through the darkness and I have and still am learning to love in away that I have never been able to in my life. Great research and very accurate!

  11. Kenyetta McClelland

    Definitely a true article in depth and engaging.I am in a transformation stage as I speak but i am fighting with internal desires to make someone else miserable that’s the power.However I have given up all of the people, social media, and any other temptation s that will allow me to sting myself.its a battle but I truly want to fly over all the pettiness and become that Phoenix thanks for the article..

  12. CHELSEA Thomas

    Thanks so much I Am a Scorpio 11/10/1968.This topic really help me.Every word is true.This whole article was for me.This was right on time. I AM so thankful Love you all.

  13. Ceraluv

    “Love is the main transforming force, it can transform anything.”

    (Like an eagle flying over)
    -even better than he imagined in his wildest dreams
    (Do not sting yourself)

  14. Holden

    Very well articulated. I’ve come to understand the constant ‘what goes up must go down’ that exists for everyone, but it always feels to have a significantly stronger effect on me. I used to think I was just dramatic, that everyone felt that way and I was just blowing it up in my head. Now I give myself the space to validate my emotions, and understand that it IS that big to me. Also knowing that when things are really awful, that I am about due for a huge leap forward. My best growth always occurs as a result of overcoming/withstanding immense hardship. Thanks for this.

  15. S

    Deep down we know our full potential, which is why we are addicted to spiritual growth. We are very aware that more hardship and struggle will be followed by a lot of development, which is why some of us will (more or less deliberately) seek out pain. We are very intense people in all aspects of life: emotions, spirituality, relationships, lifestyles as well as in our bedrooms. Scorpios have the power to turn their own and others lives into both heaven and hell on earth, sometimes even at the same time.

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