Meditation Technique Energy Boost

Meditation Technique – Energy Boost when you need it

There are different kinds of visualization techniques and meditations that give you an energy boost. Some are more simple and others are more complicated. Most of energy boosting techniques involve activating your inner energy. Here, we will offer a very simple but very powerful technique that will give you as much energy as you need for a physical task or the one that requires a lot of mind work .

candle for visualizationTo make Energy Boost Visualization technique very effective, you will need a beeswax candle (a simple wax or scented candle will not be as powerful). The vibration of the beeswax candle burning resonates on the same frequency as human spine and brain activity. Thus, having a burning beeswax candle beside you is a very good energy boost for your brain and energy body. Burning of the beeswax helps to “verticalize” your brain activity (you will learn what is a vertical orbital of the human brain activity and how to make a personal energy boost using a beeswax candle in our online seminars and personal consultations). This quality of a beeswax candle explains the reason why it is used in many religions for prayer – it just gives a vertical boost to what you are praying for (what you visualize in a prayer).

spiral energy visualizationSo, first thing you have to do is light up a beeswax candle. You can also use your imagination (if its an emergency and you don’t have time to use a real candle) – visualize that you are lighting a beeswax candle. While the beeswax candle is burning (the real or the one in your imagination) you imagine that the flame from the candle leaves the candle, “flies” into your genital area and enters your body. You can feel a wave of warmth in your second chakra (around your genital area). Now you imagine that this little golden flame turns into a seed. The sprout from the golden seed begins to grow inside your body clockwise in a spiral. It grows and connects your inner organs. It goes through your right kidney and your left kidney. The sprout makes around 7 spiraling circles and starts growing into your spine. The golden sprout spirals up your spine almost all the way to your throat.

Now you can direct the golden sprout and energy it brings either to your hands and legs (if you need to do some physical work) or you can direct it to your brain if you need an energy boost for a project that involves a lot of mind work.

This visualization technique can really help you if you need to prepare for an exam or you have a big project to finish. It can also help your body with some extra energy if you need to help someone move furniture or some other physical work around the house or on the field. Don’t overuse this techniques though, it is quite powerful.

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