Myanmar Self Discovery

Myanmar – The Journey of Spiritual Self Discovery

Join Life Script Doctor in the exploration of breathtaking Myanmar

Expedition of Self Discovery to Myanmar – February 2018. The places in the group are limited so please send your registration inquiry as soon as you can confirm your interest.  In addition to visiting many sacred and places of power, there will be a one day seminar where you will be able to acquire practical knowledge about higher levels of consciousness and how you can live in harmony with the energy-informational field.

Because Myanmar just recently opened its borders for tourism, all of the places we plan to see still cherish the mysterious powers and you will have a chance to embrace their ancient magic yourself. Here are just few places that we plan to visit during the trip:

yangonYangon (the capital of Myanmar), Shwedagon Pagoda – according to the legend, the Pagoda was constructed during the time of the Buddha which is more than 2,500 years ago and where the holy hair relics of the Buddha were enshrined. It is the major Buddhist pilgrimage site along with Mahamuni Pagoda and Golden Rock).  Just few hour of driving from Yangon will take us to Golden Rock where you will see for yourself how gravity can be defied by Buddha’s hair.

mahamuniMandalay – The capital of the Burmese kingdom before the colonial era, Mandalay is Myanmar’s second largest city. Highlights include Royal Palace and the Shwenandow Pagoda, which has some exquisite woodcarvings adorning its walls.

Mahamuni Budha Temple – major pilgrimage site, located southwest of Mandalay. The Mahamuni Buddha image is deified in this temple, and originally came from Arakan.

Monywa – many attractions is the Poewindaung mountain caves where visitors can observe the incredible stone curving and mural paintings all over the cave.  Thanboday pagoda is also another major attraction of Monywa, according to the myth the solid section of the monument is engraved 7350 relics and other holy items.  One-thousand banyan trees with Buddha images together in one place within one’s eyesight is a moment that will never be forgotten .

baganBagan – capital of Myanmar’s first dynasty. More than 3000 temples, pagodas and stupas are located in the area. You will have a chance to take an eagle eye view of the area when we take an air balloon ride at dawn. Bagan is without a doubt a remarkable footprint of a once glorious period in Myanmar’s history. You will not see anything like Bagan anywhere else in the world – it is a fairy-tale you have to experience with your own eyes, there is no video footage that can show it’s true  magnificence.


Temple of Fulfilling Wishes – a place where your most sacred wishes can come true. You will get guidance and explanation of physics behind the way this temple works (how it influences human brain). You will be able to get a very powerful energy boost from the temple in making your dreams into reality.

mount popaMount Popa – Pilgrims have been visiting the shrine at Mount Popa for over 700 years, climbing 777 winding steps to pay their respects to realistic, carved figures, denoting ancient gods.

Inle Lake (under consideration) – unique freshwater lake were fisherman row their boats using their feet. You will be able to even try it yourself. There are many floating villages along the lake and even a temple where monks were able to teach tricks to their cats.

Mrauk U (under consideration) – has the feel of a lost city. It is an archaeological site of vastly underestimated importance and also an area of great natural beauty set amidst rolling hills.

ngapali beachNgapali Beach – during the last few days we will land on the beach where you will be able to relax and soak in all the experiences you have had during the trip. And if you still have explorer spirit left in you, we will take you to one very powerful place which is unknown to tourists.


Preliminary Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival, Yangon Sightseeing (Shwedagon pagoda). Dinner at Karaweik Restaurant
Day 2 :Yangon-Bagan ( morning flight ), Bagan Sightseeing (Temple of Fullfilling Wishes)
Day 3 : Air Balloon Over ( Optional ), Bagan Sightseeing
Day 4 :Seminar, A visit to Mt. Popa. Overnight at Popa
Day 5 :Mt. Popa-Bagan, Evening Sunset Boat ride along the Ayeyarwaddy River
Day 6 :Bagan-Mandalay ( morning flight ), Mandalay Sightseeing
Day 7 : Visit Mingun by boat, Visit Amarapura&Sagaing, Sunset from U Bein’s Bridge
Day 8 : Mandalay-Heho ( morning flight ), Proceed to Inle and Inle Lake Sightseeing by boat
Day 9 : A visit to Indein
Day 10 :Heho-Thandwe ( morning flight ), Transfer to Ngapali Beach
Day 11-12 : Beach
Day 13 :Thandwe-Yangon (afternoon flight ), Transfer to hotel
Day 14 : Departure

Join us on this unique expedition that will surely become one of the emotional highlights of your life and give you energy as well as direction for many years to come (this I can assure you from my own experience of Myanmar).

Use the form below to contact Dmitriy, learn how you can become a part of the expedition and take a step forward towards your own Spiritual Self Discovery.