What is Numerology – Evolution of Consciousness in Numerology Numbers

Who is behind is Numerology? How to use this effective life-changing tool? Can numerology numbers help us describe the evolution of consciousness?

Numerology Pythagroas

First of all, no one can deny the contribution and great influence that Pythagoras had on science, mathematics, and geometry. We all learn a theorem with his name in school – “square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of squares of the other two sides in the right triangle”. However, not many people know that Pythagoras was also a philosopher, mystic and the forefather of Numerology.

 “Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons” (Pythagoras)

In the 4th century B.C. he had a revolutionary idea for the time – human soul is immortal. Pythagoras had nothing against the Greek Gods that were very popular at that time, but he was one of the first who introduced the notion of one God and that purpose of human life is to let divine into your heart.

numerology harmonyPythagoras introduced a concept of harmony or music of spheres.  Later he based a whole metaphysical system on it. According to this concept of harmony, everything in the Universe is in balance and unity – everything and everyone is playing their unique and important part in the one great vibrational chorus.

Many theories of Pythagoras later became the foundation of the modern Numerology and gave meaning to numbers. He was one of the first spiritual scientists who connected the cosmic music of vibrations with Numerology. Pythagoras established that Numerology Number Meanings lie in the foundation of all that exists in our Universe. Everything in the world, living and non-living, men and women follow the laws of vibrations and can be described in numbers.

 “Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the Universe(Galileo Galilei)

According to Numerology, every number has its own meaning – Each number has its own vibration just like notes in music. The conceptual qualities behind numbers in Numerology can help you discover meaning in the mission of a human soul, describe personal qualities. Personal birth chart reading (see services) can reveal why some people have it easy in life while others struggle in certain areas.

At birth, you receive a certain set of qualities. Knowing these qualities can help you discover and reach your full potential. It can also help you see strong potential traits that should be developed and weak points that should be given proper attention. Human qualities can be described in Numerology numbers 1 through 9. Since everything in our world has its own vibrational frequency the character and qualities of your soul are greatly influenced by the vibration of the date that you were born. Vibrations of your personality and thoughts always interact and resonate with the vibrations of time and space.

numerology numbers

What is Numerology? Consciousness and Numerology Numbers

Numerology chart can truly help you understand the reasons behind motivation that you and other people have.  Numerology reading really helps in understanding what truly influences the psychology of human personality.  If you are able to correctly interpret the meaning of numbers using Numerology as a tool, it can help you find many answers to sacred questions you might have. It can also help you realize why you react a certain way to events in your life while others act the way they do. Numerology gives many keys to a better understanding of how things really work and can help you open many doors in personal and professional relationships.

Here is one of the ways to describe the evolution of consciousness through the meaning of Numerology numbers. To understand the symbolism of numbers in this story you need to know that horizontal lines represent attachment, vertical lines show a direct connection without emotions, curved lines represent the energy of love and the cross of lines represent the choice or a challenge of making that choice.

1 – is often just a vertical line. It symbolizes the beginning of material evolution. One is the pioneer of creation – we all are one higher consciousness.

2 – is flora, the world of plants. The life begins to grow. Bottom horizontal line indicates that plants are attached to earth and can’t move, the curved line on top shows us that plants love the sun and light. Plants are attached to earth but love the sky and sun.

3 – is fauna, the world of animals. It is basically two curved lines. Animals love sky and earth but are not attached to either – they can freely move. It is the symbol of pure animal emotions. It has no attachments and is torn apart between fear and desire.

4 – is a human. The cross of two lines. It is the crossroads and the challenge of making the choice. It is between the animal instincts and the next stage of enlightened being.

5 – is an enlightened human. The horizontal line on top symbolizes that enlightened human is attached to the sky (the Spirit) the bottom curved lines shows that this human has love towards the Earth.

6 – is an Angel. The spiraling line comes down from the sky. The spiral of love that service of angels brings.

7 – is the creative essence of Divine. It is attached to the Sky (the spiritual world) and materializes its creativity through a direct channel at a certain angle.

8 – is Divine Power and symbol of Infinity. It connects the spiritual world with material world through the everlasting curved line.

9 – is the wisdom of higher consciousness. It’s a curved line of experience, wisdom and love spiraling towards the sky from earth.

numerology chartMany people use Numerology for predictions, however it is very important to remember that even though we all have an element of destiny in our life –  any birth chart reading can only help you to discover the potential that you were given, but your free will (which is sacred) brought you to the point of where you are in your life. If you have lived your life within the mission of your higher self, then you most likely got sick much less than others, you have been successful in what you do in life and have had fulfilling, evolving personal relationships.

You are free to do with your potential as you please. However, if you invest it correctly, you will get the most positive results possible. And if you made certain mistakes in your life and made very bad investment decisions, there is still a chance to get back the energy that you have lost. Using Numerology analysis together with certain self-guided meditation/ visualization techniques can help you discover yourself and help you make decisions that correspond to your own unique life path.

For more advanced practical knowledge , powerful self-guided meditation/visualization exercises, energy-informational analysis of your lifescript and ways to improve it, see services section of the website. Feel free to reach out with any related questions/inquiries.

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