Personal Consultation

clear path visualizationLife Script Doctor offers personal consultations. Energy informational environment of a client is analyzed using the tools and the research in the new spiritual science of Infosoamtics. This approach has been tested in practice since 1991 and there is a statistical proof of positive results. It allows to pin point the subconsciously controlling stress situations in life of a client and reveal which one of them has the most negative effect on the client’s energy in the present. The main goal of a personal consultation is to uncover the true causes of problems with health, personal or professional life.  After the true causes of problems (on the higher levels of consciousness) are revealed, the client is given a customized set of powerful and effective Infosomatic visualization techniques to recover the energy that was lost. Techniques are carried out during the personal consultation and the client can feel their effect right away. When Infosomatic visualization techniques are conducted correctly, they allow to quickly recover from problems with health, find a solution in personal life and resolve business related issues.

Here is a comment after one of the personal consultation with Life Script Doctor:

“This session helped me clear something that had haunted me for years. I finally understood something very deep about myself that had been holding me back for decades. I intuitively felt there was something I was working against…but had no idea how to release that. Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) nailed it within the first few minutes, and gave me a prescriptive tool to release this for good. As a result I’ve already attracted new clients AND enjoyed more connection and love with my husband.”  (board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, United States).

Please use the form below to request a personal consultation. Keep in mind that the number of consultation per month is limited due to the ongoing research.

Personal Consultation ~60min via Skype – 197 USD

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Please use the form below to state the issues/questions you want to discuss during the consultation. You can use the button above to make the payment for the consultation or contact us if you want to use another method of payment. Upon receiving your request we will send you all the details needed to schedule the personal consultation. Feel free to contact us (use the form below) if you have any questions.[contact_form]

*We do keep the right to refuse a consultation if request is irrelevant.