Webinar Recordings, Ebook and Personal Coaching

On this page you will find video recordings of seminars/webinars, ebook and online sessions offered on Life Script Doctor website. Feel free to use the contact form to ask any related questions.

Physics of Wish Manifestation

Online Seminar to Reveal the Secrets Behind Manifestation Process and Advanced Techniques Beyond The Law of Attraction. Learn how to ecologically program your reality and manifest your wishes with powerful techniques. Use guided meditation to clear the blocks that are in the way of realizing your full potential and implement manifestation algorithm into your life for miracles to starts happening in your life.

Reboot Your LifeScript

You can change your material reality through actions but you still need to know what direction you need to take today in order to get the results you want tomorrow + you need the energy to do it. That is where “rebooting your lifescript” can be the way out when you are stuck. Instead of just expressing your will by acting in all direction and losing your energy, you need to stop, reboot, stabilize your energy flow and only then act towards the solution.

Map & Tools For Higher Levels of Consciousness

Discover and realize your potential through the knowledge of higher levels of consciousness and spiritual science Infosomatics Acquire ecological worldview of success for the informational paradigm and learn powerful techniques that will improve the script of life you are writing every day. The first part of the seminar available for free upon subscription.

Signs On The Road Of Life

Would you like to know how to see the signs your higher-self sends you? Are you interested in advanced visualization techniques and powerful guided meditation to help you realize your full potential in the XXI century? Your higher self is always there to guide you on the road of life and knowledge presented in the seminar can help you see the signs you need to follow in order to live a happy life. Learn how to see the signs on your road of life.


Self-help guide to the model of the energy-informational field, cycles of human life and visualization techniques to help you improve the way you interact with higher levels of consciousness. Acquire knowledge about higher levels of consciousness in order to live in harmony with Nature during informational paradigm. Learn powerful visualization techniques to help you ecologically go through the crisis years of your life. *several review copies are available upon request

Personal Guidance – Online Sessions

Personal Numerology DOB Analysis (Recording)

Numerology reading or birth chart analysis might not be as conventional and generally accepted as a session with a certified psychotherapist. Most people still consider it too “woo-woo”, mystical and similar to psychic reading. However, the knowledge you get from a legitimate birth chart reading can reveal what is holding you back and how you can see your own purpose more clearly.

Numerology Family Tree Analysis

Numerology family tree analysis allows you to see a bigger picture of the energy structure in the family. It can also help reveal the cause of certain potential problems so the solution can be offered. It also includes your own personal birth chart reading with a lot more detail on how to improve relationships in the family. The same approach can be used to analyze the effectiveness of a business team.

3 Online Sessions (Energy Clearing)

There are all kinds of energy cleansing techniques out there. The key is to employ the one that resonates with you the most, know how and when to do it. That is the goal of these personal online sessions – to share with you practical knowledge of energy cleansing, so you can discover methods that bring you best results.

How to Manifest Your Wish – 5 Sessions

The goal of the “How to Manifest Your Wish 1-on-1” sessions is to give you valuable practical knowledge, explain physics behind wish manifestation, identify any energy block that might be holding you back and share powerful wish manifestation techniques that have been tested in practice with positive results.

Personal Customized Online Sessions

Personalized online sessions tailored especially for the questions you have. Involves detailed lifescript analysis in order to find the true cause and offer a solution to a problem you might be experiencing. The price and number of sessions will depend on the questions you have and need for the guidance in finding practical answers. Follow the link to contact me and get further details on how to proceed.