Sign of Virgo Karma and Virgo Life Purpose Horoscope

Sign of Virgo (24.08 – 23.09)

virgo karmaThroughout our life we all realize what Virgo was born for: everything in this world has been created already and everything what we have to do is accept it. Virgo will be able to awaken their own higher self when they realize that there is perfection in the world as it is. They have to accept that everything what happens to them has a cause.

Of course life has a lot of things that are hard to understand and often very unpleasant. However, everything that happens to us has its Higher Purpose.

Exceptional mind gives Virgo an ability to use existing opportunities at its most (instead of complaining about life), and step by step they have to reach the understanding of Universal Wisdom – that is the main karmic mission of Virgo. If Virgo accepts everything that happens as things that have their own course and higher purpose, and if they believe that there is no need to make the world over, then this kind of attitude helps them understand what they need to do at a given moment, enables them to carry the light and gives them power to accomplish their life purpose.

It is quite remarkable that Virgo’s perfectionism and its companions: pedantry and fault finding are traits that help Virgo see perfection of the world. The world around us rarely corresponds to our expectations. Expecting that people around and life itself will comply with Virgo’s high standards, Virgo foredooms themselves to constant disappointments. When Virgo uses their analytical skills to only look for non-perfect discrepancies (instead of finding advantages and benefit from them) or treat themselves too critically in regards to life in general, they rob themselves. If that happens, life of Virgo turns into a hard challenge and this can teach Virgo many things.

To Virgo the secret of happiness is using their own perfectionism to find perfection in our world. Perfectionism is the search for imperfections. If, however, Virgo look for good, they will be able to see perfection in their own soul and perfection of life. When they want to find good they can find it in themselves, in other people, in the world – and this will awaken Virgo’s Higher Nature.
The same can be said about Virgos’ fault-finding quality. They have to give up pettiness (attempts to judge what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong) for the sake of sober and unprejudiced judgment of things that happen. In that case Virgo will be able to separate necessary actions from useless and will be able to make right decisions. When Virgo starts to see beauty in the world, they connect with divine flow and their life path becomes happier.

Virgo has to sort out life situations by finding best behavioral tactics and by rejecting those that are not effective. It does not matter what Virgo is working on, they can immediately see what can be done in a certain given situation. It is a very valuable trait, but it can also become the source of disappointment. Life rarely meets all our expectations – Universe has its own perception of a perfect world organization. The desire for perfection Virgo has to use only in the areas that they can control and take care of things that are in their sphere of responsibility. Then they will be able to be calm regarding the natural flow of events.

The key to success for Virgo is neither the necessity to work a lot nor even the fact that you should love your job, Virgo have to understand that world is perfect even in its imperfections and accept this given reality.

Virgo has to remember that in work it is important to reach results not perfection. They will be able to reach spiritual enlightenment when they understand that world is already perfect and that any results that come from work are perfect as well, even if they are very different from the expected ones. This is the wisdom of life. Openness of heart and humor will help Virgo to see the purpose of existence and receive joy from life.

Often Virgos are too money oriented in regards to their job. By striving to earn as much as possible, forgetting about everything else and neglecting the need to evolve intellectually as well as spiritually, Virgo will accumulate bad karma.

Sometimes Virgo will worry about another person so much that they will take too much of responsibility by trying to help that person no matter what the price is. In those cases Virgo forgets that every human has their own destiny and karmic goals. By trying to solve problems of another person, by spending a lot of time and energy, Virgo interferes in Destiny of that person. Sometimes it works because of powerful energy that Virgo has. However, in the end Virgo is left exhausted, fagged out and sick. Virgo wastes their own energy instead of using endless reserves of divine energy (which can be tapped into when Virgo is connected to their own Higher self). Virgo should calm down and let divine heal the world. Virgo should learn to not interfere with the natural flow of events.

In striving to perfectly organize their own life Virgo should not forget that the most important thing: perfection already exists in our world.

Virgo also has to realize that every person has the right to their own mistakes as well as the right to learn from them – and this may take a lot of time which could be more than expected. Instead of just giving a wise advice, Virgo often stubbornly impose their own ideas on others.

Irritability, feeling of resentment, diffidence and lack of patience are very good signs that Virgo strayed away from the right path. If Virgo begins to think that people around are not meeting their high standards, Virgo starts feeling bad. These emotions are the signs that Virgo is under the influence of their Lower Nature.

When Virgo calmly (better with love) watches over the actions of others, Virgo connects to the part of their own soul that knows how to reach the best results in any endeavors.

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  1. anant

    I am a virgo.I find the write-up very useful.Unconsiously we are doing so may things which turn out to be unproductive in the end.So we should take care in the begining itself about the very outcome

  2. Cynthia

    😂 this is me through and through. It’s as if you and I known each other personally for years lol. Thanks so much for allowing me to see myself in words; this article has in lightning me thank U thank U thank U thank U so much

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