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Levels of Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Science Infosomatics

The term “spiritual science” may seem to be an oxymoron. Most people still believe that science and spirituality just don’t go well together. One of the keys to grasping the concept of spiritual science is not to mix spirituality with religion. Religion is just one of the ways to understanding spirituality, and often being religious does not mean you are spiritual. Besides, during the times of the informational paradigm, everyone is responsible for finding their own meaning to spirituality (or in other words – how to realize creative essence and live a fulfilling life of purpose).

Now, let’s see if spiritual science makes sense. Webster’s dictionary defines science as follows: “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation”. If you believe that your life is just about material things, your physical body, and dogmatic thinking, well, then there is really no reason to continue reading (and I am surprised you got to this website in the first place). If you believe that natural phenomena, extrasensory abilities, intuition, higher-self channeling and positive results from practices like meditation as well as energy healing can be studied, then “spiritual science” makes perfect sense. After all, practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth.

The main goal of spiritual science Infosomatics is to offer the energy-informational map to the levels of higher consciousness, diagnosis tools as well as self-guided visualization/meditation techniques to improve the quality of your “lifescript” that you are writing every day.

Video explaining Levels of Consciousness

Infosomatics is based on the research of the International Institute of Social Ecology (IISE). The Institute and its team headed by Gubanov V.V. have been conducting research in the area of brain informatics, higher levels of consciousness, energy healing, quantum and torsion physics, channeling, meditation and many other related fields.

 “Infosomatics explains physics behind higher levels of consciousness.”

The name Infosomatics is derived from the words “info” – information and “somatics” – body manifestation. There is a well-known field of medical science called psychosomatics. It studies how emotions influence the human body and life in general. Infosomatics goes a little step further by studying the work of human bodies on the higher levels of consciousness. It gives a model of the energy-informational world, explains levels of higher consciousness and provides techniques that can be used to identify the true causes of problems so they can be resolved. The true cause of any challenge that you might be experiencing on the material level, lies on the higher levels of consciousness. When you are able to harmoniously fit into the ever-changing environment of the informational paradigm – you are able to achieve great results in keeping your body healthy (or recover from a sickness), resolve issues in personal relationships and reach success in your professional life.

levels of consciousness Picture 1. Levels of consciousness and wave of the transformation of information into energy and further into matter.

The main principle and law that spiritual science Infosomatics is based on is the law of transformation of information into energy and then further into matter (taking into account the flow of time). According to this law, the human body is manifested and defined by the informational programs on the 7 levels of consciousness: Material, Senses, Emotions, Worldview, Events, Values and Purpose (each level of consciousness corresponds to esoteric terms: Physical, Ether, Astral, Mental, Causal, Bodhi and Atman).  Therefore the problems that you might be experiencing with your health, personal and/or professional life are just the consequences of the disturbance in the energy-informational processes and programs of your own bodies on different levels of consciousness.

 higher levels of consciousness Picture 2. The succession of bodies on the higher levels of consciousness.

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levels of consciousness science

Picture 3. Human brain interaction on the levels of higher consciousness.
(pictures 2,3 – courtesy of IISE)

Infosomatics uses a variety of diagnostic methods to identify true causes of somatic disorders (sicknesses) and problems in life. This spiritual science also offers very effective techniques to correct disturbed informational processes in the human bodies of higher consciousness.

According to Infosomatics, human health is only a “side effect”, when human subtle bodies and their work are synchronized with processes on the higher levels of consciousness. For human bodies of higher consciousness to function properly they need to be in the limits of the natural laws (you can learn about the laws in the articles, ebook, videos and webinars on the website).

levels of consciousness lawOne of the laws of our Universe states: “As above, so below ‘ (Hermes Trismegistus). Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The Universe is the same as God, man was created in God’s image, man is the same as the cell on a cosmic level, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as…and so on, to infinity (you can watch “Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension” PBS NOVA documentary film to better understand this concept).

This law of the Universe can help explain how to synchronize human bodies on the higher levels of consciousness and eliminate energy informational injuries that you might be experiencing. When a proper benchmark or signature image is transmitted to the needed level of consciousness it helps human brain to find the solution to the problem and correct the disturbed state of the body on that level of consciousness. The benchmark image is transmitted through the means of universal language which is visualization. It is the language that your subconscious mind is using to communicate with the Universe (Higher Consciousness). When visualization technique is carried out correctly a physical body receives a feedback in the form of a wave of warmth, tingling sensation or feeling of release. Diagnosis techniques are also used in order to check if visualization techniques were properly carried out and reached their target.  There are some important side effects to visualization techniques, though: positive improvement in your life, getting the answers on your road of self-discovery and improving your intuition so you can better see the signs from your higher self on the road of life.

Since 1991, the team of spiritual scientists at the IISE has been conducting research in the field of Infosomatics and studied energy-informatics of a human brain. Technology, knowledge of computer systems and other various skills allowed the team to create a model of the energy-informational world and give an explanation to the levels of higher consciousness. The research in the field of spiritual science of Infosomatics led to the conclusion that human brain changes its energy-informational activity under the influence of external informational streams. This fact revealed how brain activity impacts the somatic state of a physical body (its parts) and changes the pattern of events in a human life.

An absolute similarity between a sickness and a computer virus was found.  A computer virus is the same as an energy–informational virus on a higher level of consciousness. The only difference is that computer viruses exist in a computer and energy-informational viruses exist on the levels of higher consciousness. Just like certain computer viruses can actually lead to the harm of the computer hardware, an energy-informational virus can lead to problems on the physical body.  Most people today try to protect their computers from viruses more than they try to protect their worldview and brain activity from much more dangerous viruses on the higher levels of consciousness. Human physical body, its organs, and functions are a signaling system or a correctness indicator of what is happening on the levels of higher consciousness.

Here are some visuals to explain it better:

level of consciousness

Picture 4. Incarnated Spirit, Personality (qualities and manifested roles) and Body matrix – Spirit, Mind, and Body (picture 4 – courtesy of IISE).

There are three sources where problems with human physical body (sicknesses) can come from:

1. Genetics

Genetic line and gene information that was given to you by your parents and ancestors (you can watch “The Ghost in our Genes” BBC documentary to learn more how events in the life of your grandparents can influence your life today). Spiritual science Infosomatics and its visualization techniques can help to disconnect from the sick Genome of the family on the energy-informational level and become the Founder of the healthy quality. The disconnection techniques are used to return the energy that was stuck in the “basement” of your genetic line.

2. Worldview and Human Personality

When people incorrectly choose the roles of how they manifest themselves in society, when they have a weak position in life, when their worldview is ignorant, when they are drowning in psychological anxieties, fears, and problems, they block the opportunities for their potential to be realized at full.  Moreover, when the worldview and personality traits cannot withstand stress generated by life in society it penetrates through the levels of consciousness and a person receives an energy-informational hit.  The stress from the hit will eventually have to manifest itself as a sickness on the physical body of a person or materialize itself as a negative event in life. The goal of personal worldview is to know and follow laws of the Universe, which will make it a strong defense barrier and prevent many injuries of the human bodies on the higher levels of consciousness (including physical body).  Proactive worldview and correct choices in how to manifest yourself in society at a given moment are vital for success in today’s world of informational paradigm.  If you are a very sensitive person (an empath), then practical knowledge that can be found on this website can help you protect yourself when you need to follow “social norms”. If you are hard headed materialist, but with common sense, then you can learn how to hear the voice of your intuition (your Higher Self) much better.

3. Human Bodies on the higher levels of consciousness

Human body – somatic state will suffer if proper energy-informational defense is not present. Bodies on the higher levels of consciousness have to be protected. The energy-informational defense has to be used to stop the “drain” of energy towards energy lacking people (often relatives and sexual partners). One of the essential missions of human life is to take responsibility for realizing potential and being able to protect the energy that is given to realize that potential. At times (what may seem by society as) brutal measures have to be taken in order for a person to recover from a problem with health, personal or professional life (read “5 signs of an Energy Vampire who Kills…”).

By using visualization techniques and energy-informational diagnosis methods it is possible to identify the source of the negative energy influence and subsequently resolve problems related to the physical body. When the true cause of the problem is discovered on the levels of higher consciousness, certain self-guided meditation/visualization techniques can be used to quickly eliminate harmful pathological or even chronic energy connections and discharge accumulated stress of the past. When you receive a visual recommendation that tells your brain how to “untangle” the knot and recover the energy that you have lost in the past, all the energy that you got back is then directed towards the recovering of functions and bringing to norm the metabolic processes. In other words, using methods of the spiritual science Infosomatics it is possible to conduct a “surgery on the bodies of higher consciousness”. When higher level of consciousness bodies are brought to synchronicity, Nature’s regeneration processes take over and help to quickly resolve a problem with health, personal or professional life.

So what spiritual science Infosomatics and Life Script Doctor can do for you?

It can help you discover the ways your bodies of higher consciousness function in order to get the answers to the questions you are seeking, find the true cause of problems with your health and guide you in the process of recovery. It can also give you knowledge about the laws of Nature which will help you have a balanced healthy life, fulfilling personal relationships and success in your professional life. In order to find your purpose in life make sure to identify and fix the stress from the past that is holding you back. After you acquire the pro Nature worldview it will help you make correct decisions in the present so you can know which direction is your future – the future you can create in order to realize your full potential, find happiness and harmony.

You are more than welcome to browse materials available on the website for free. For more advanced practical knowledge, powerful self-guided meditation/visualization techniques or personal guidance see shop/services section of the website and feel free to contact Life Script Doctor with any related questions.

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