Visualization Technique Actor on a Stage

Actor On a Stage Visualization Technique

If you easily fall under the influence of others and you want to protect yourself and your higher self from outside influence, then this visualization technique is for you. This visualization also helps to protect yourself from all the negative energy (jealousy, disapproval, anger etc…) that someone is expressing towards you.

spotlight visualization techniqueAll you have to do is imagine yourself in the center of a stage and everyone else who is in the audience and can’t really reach  you. Then you can imagine that somewhere from the audience someone is throwing red tomatoes, they are hitting and sticking on your body below your waist, you simply can take them and through them off the stage. Then you notice that you are being hit by lemons and all of them get stuck around your stomach, you pick them up  from around your body and throw them off the stage as well. Then you can see blue plumps flying around your head and some actually get stuck in your hair, you take them and throw them off the stage as well. After that you see a bright yellow headlight from above. This headlight is protecting you from any further aggression that could be coming from the audience and gives all the energy you need.

A simple way to conduct this technique is just imagining yourself on the stage under a bright spotlight (without anything flying your way from the audience) and people, who you feel have negative effect on you, are in the audience (where it is dark and you cant’ really see them). You can try either way and see which one works better for you. Remember that the key for visualization techniques to work is to bring out your “inner kid”. You should also allow your subconscious mind to guide you in visualizations, don’t get scared if you get an image that is different from what is described in the technique. Just go along with the game and allow your subconscious mind lead the way.  After you done with the technique and if there was something strange, then you can use your logic to see what really happened (you can also contact us for advice or guidance).

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