Advanced Knowledge about The Field, Higher Levels of Consciousness and Powerful Self Healing Techniques

On this page you will find information about the video seminars/webinars. Some have basic knowledge and are free. There are also seminars with more advanced knowledge and offer very powerful visualization techniques and tools to improve the quality of your life.

Feeling Stuck or Lack of Energy? “Reboot Your LifeScript
2 hour online course (text &audio version)

5 modules:
– How You Interact With the Quantum Reality of the Energy Field
– How Visualization Techniques Work
– Exclusive Set of Infosomatic Visualization Techniques
– Your Mental Body and How to Discharge Stress from the Past
– Powerful Guided Meditation

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Webinar ~6 hours
How To Make a Wish Come True with Advanced Manifestation Techniques

how to make a wish

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Webinar, ~7 hours:
Energy-Informational Map and Tools for the XXI century

spiritual science seminar

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 FREE Webinar, Duration ~5 hours
Visualization Techniques and Model of Energy Informational World

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Video Seminar, ~8 Hours
Signs on the Road of Life – How to See and Follow them

spiritual science signs

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The main goal of Life Script Doctor seminars/ webinars is to share knowledge about Energy-Informational World and offer practical ways to improve your life which. Feel free to ask any related questions using the contact form.