How to Wish For Things To Happen

How to Manifest a Wish 1-on-1

(personal online sessions on the ecological manifestation of your wishes)

19004673You might have heard the phrase: “…be careful what you wish for…”. In other words, it is vital to know what and how to wish in your life. It is also important to know how to accumulate and effectively direct your manifestation energy to actually bring your wishes into reality. Manifestation process, even though not a very complicated one, does require knowledge of how to ecologically interact with the energy-informational field.

The goal of the “How to Manifest a Wish 1-on-1” sessions is to give you valuable practical knowledge, explain physics behind wish manifestation, identify any energy block that might be holding you back and share powerful wish manifestation techniques that have been tested in practice with positive results.

This service is for those who want to learn how to independently manifest their true wishes and not for those how want someone else make their wishes come true. You are investing in the knowledge on how to wish effectively and ecologically without breaking the laws of Nature. One of the major after-effects from the sessions will be awareness of what wishes will get you closer to realizing your mission in life so you can live a fulfilling life of purpose.

Here is “How to Manifest a Wish – 1-on-1” sessions will work:

After the initial contact and payment confirmation, a suitable time for five ~60min sessions will be set (usually one time a week, which calculates to about $31 per session and includes personal numerology birth chart reading). A customized program for the sessions will be created (it will depend on your current situation and wishes). Here are main topics that will be addressed during the sessions, but not limited to:

  • Numerology Birth Chart Reading to add value to the sessions, customize and make them more productive
  • How to tell if a wish is coming from your true self and if it will help you realize your full potential
  • How to write your own powerful affirmations that bring results
  • Advanced and powerful manifestation techniques that you can independently practice at home (including manifestation algorithm from mystical wish granting temple in Myanmar)
  • Guided meditation to help you identify and clear subconsciously controlling stress
  • Visualization techniques to help you quickly get to the point of “here and now”
  • Energy protection techniques, how to achieve and keep energy excessive state
  • Cycles of Life (including your personal Numerology cycles) and what to wish during those cycles
  • How to become the creator of your own reality and team up with your Higher or True self
  • Basics on how to attract a suitable partner or live in harmony with the existing one
  • How to find your own wave of success and stay on it to reach financial freedom
  • Keys to revealing your purpose in life and much more…

Please keep in mind that the number of people for this service is limited: only 2 slots available at the moment.

The choice is yours!

Your Investment in the Practical Knowledge on “How to Manifest Your Wish  1-on-1” = $156*
(you can use the button below to proceed with the payment)


* If after the first session you found no value in the practical knowledge provided, you had no insightful moments and the information did not resonate with you at all  – you can request a full refund (please take into account that refund process may take some time and it will not include bank fees).

Please use the contact form below to ask any related to the service questions and to send transaction ID# for payment confirmation.